Adopt a Donkey

If you’d like to have a donkey and also do a good deed, adopt one! Hundreds of donkeys waiting in rescues need homes and people to love them (people just like you).

Many people think animals in rescues are old, infirm, or second-rate survivors of abuse, but that’s not necessarily true.

It’s not unusual for responsible owners to surrender young, sound to rescues due to catastrophic life changes such as a death in the family, divorce, loss of income, or military deployment. They have to give up their animals quickly, but they don’t want their friends to go to bad homes or sale barns, so they do the right thing and donate them to a group to be re-homed. Continue reading “Adopt a Donkey”

Frozen in Time







The early 1900s ushered in the golden age of real picture postcards. According to U.S. Post Office figures, 677,777,798 postcards were mailed in 1909 alone. Not surprisingly, camera makers honed in on a need and began producing cameras like the 3A Folding Pocket Kodak Camera that shot real picture postcards instead of film. In 1903 such a camera fitted with a quality lens cost as much as $78 (that’s roughly $2000 today).

Affordable postcard-format cameras like the Chicago Ferrotype Company’s Mandel-ette postcard camera soon emerged. These were simple box cameras with fixed-focus lenses. In the back of the camera was a black changing bag through which the photographer moved an exposed paper negative to the built-in developer tank attached to the bottom of the camera. The best part was that in 1919 the Mandel-ette, complete with tripod and enough material for 116 postcards cost the grand sum of $7.75 ($173.81 in today’s funds). Itinerant photographers snapped them up and took to the road. Continue reading “Frozen in Time”